“Chinese is the most valued and worthwhile product from China to Siam”
(John Crawford, the British Ambassador, 1830)

The accumulated knowledge and the Chinese richness of culture has lightly more families complete with flowing in to this city until becoming the major community of Phuket during the mining period. Occupations and several technologies has seemed to branch development from mine conduction which is the role of Chinese people combined with the knowledge and local culture of Thais as well as Malays, Indians and Europeans who were coming to reside here.

In this room, the Chinese way of life has been shown via Cinkhae Muang Thungkha (selected some chapters from the novel which show the ordinary Chinese people’s historical life 100 years ago by Prasit Chinnakarn, a Phuket writer and historian), the model of the Chinese shrine and opium smoking corner including 3 Phuket-Chinese intellects who are a Chinese shrine scribe, a great sculptor and the Chinese puppeteer, “Kaleh”