“Gratitude is the most valuable heritage”

Learning, in order to integrate harmoniously, was one of the strategies of the Chinese society who lived to build expandable families, gather families to become a firm society of the community, they had specified a particular period of age, day, year as a tradition ever since.

The exhibition in this room is to tell the traditions of Phuket Chinese people from their birth until death There is a vegetarian festival which is more important than Chinese New Year for Phuket people.

Chinese Death Ritual in Phuket
Chinese attach great significance to death ritual, especially those for their parents. Children are subject to organize their parents’ funeral excellently as an expression of gratitudel… Read more »

Vegetarian Festival
“Do not exploit any living creature for being food or take their blood and meat for consuming” is the main odjective of the “Jia Chai” or “Vegetarian” festival, a big fest of Chinese-Thai populace… Read more »