Displays 4 periods in history of this sedate, magical and beautiful building, from the Chinese shrine and the old Chinese school, to the great renovation after being closed and then being the museum.

The house construction ideology of Chinese people compares with several elements of the building.
The description of architectural characteristics has been moving forward and integrating.
Chinese ideology in house construction should be beautiful and stable in order to provide prosperity, progress, forwardness, peace and happiness to members in the family which became the Chino-Portugese style architecture… Read more »

History of the building
Over a hundred years ago, the territory of Phuket Thaihua Museum was the original place of the first Chinese language school in Phuket, established with the realization of the importance of education; establishment of virtue, morality… Read more »

The Unique of Architecture
The Phuket Thaihua museum is the combination of many architectural styles. There are many periods of architectural design including Asia, and Europe. Then it is hard to tell exactly which… Read more »