All stories were begun in this room.
From the “native land” in China to the several “routes” which led the Chinese lucky pursuers to this island, they settled and made the “community” spread to all around the island.
Furthermore, there is the display of “the immigration cards” of Chinese people in approximately 1927.
Chinese Community
In the past, the Chinese people in Phuket had gradually increased due to the expansion of a big tin mine during the reign of King Rama III (1824-1851). Although there were predominantly Muslim and Buddhism communities… Read more »

In Thailand, there was a Thai-Chinese race of about 8 million people (in 2007) the majority Read more »

The Dragon Route
“ Confucius doctrine has fostered the Chinese to be bound with their homeland. Yet the Chinese are the people who have emigrated the most from their homeland. ”
The Malay Peninsular which included Phuket, a small island on Andaman Coast, is an area of the sea trading strategy to connect the western and eastern territories… Read more »