The geographical states of Phuket called “the city of eight rains and four rays of sunshine” which has influenced the dressing style of Phuket people , integrated with traditional dressing culture of the locality. Consequently, they applied their garments to dexterous work and inherited the local dressing culture.

Chinese people, who emigrated to work in the period of King Rama III & IV, dressing cultures were of Chinese style, any dresses once they were dressed in China were brought to be dressed in Phuket such as Chinese mining dresses, Khorsoo dress, Keephao dress. After the period of King Rama V, they brought the European dressing culture to apply with Chinese dresses such as suits, mining leader dresses and some dresses which have been applied for from China, Singapore and Penang such as Yaya dress (Nyonya) and then Phuket people have applied to the dexterous work of ladies and become a style of Phuket identity such as joining lace dress.

The highlight of this room is the painting of The Phuket Baba’s wedding ceremony.