The flowing in of Chinese people for working in the mines during the period of King Rama III and King Rama IV (1824 – 1868), there were associations for helping and supporting in the form of “Kongsi (firms)” and there was a “Ungyee (Chinese secret society)” or an organization to protect their association’s benefits. When stabled residing, there was the occurrence of “Lok Xian Kok” for social returns together with the development of several Chinese associations which were assembled under the “The Federation of Thai-Chinese in Phuket” in the present.

To watch the ancient painting of “Luang Bumrungjeenpratet (Tanniewyee)”, the well-known millionaire with mining superiority and most of the firm’s members in the period of King Rama V.

The development of the Phuket-Chinese people association
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Luang Bamrungjeenprathet
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